Let’s Get Physical…

My friend & i had a discussion about physical attractiveness. This topic came about when she mentioned that one of our ‘not so close’ friends now has a boyfriend & with the kind of mouth this friend has, her boyfriend was rated below standard by us (we’re not witches). This drove me back to something … Continue reading


A friend once told me that the worst headache you can have is when u just cum and you sleep off and someone wakes you suddenly! In his words, ‘it is very bad…very bad Deola’…Well, here I am lying partly on my bed and on the rug, holding my forehead with my left hand and … Continue reading

hallo hi I’m Deola

Hi all…..i just got a new blog….yayyy me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now, i’m feeling like Mark Zuckerberg…or Bill Gates….or anybody that is rich, handsome and deals with computer, yeah! and tall too and this is all because i now have two blogs….*inserts NTA soundtrack* Actually, i got this wordpress blog because it’s almost impossible for me to … Continue reading

Hello world!

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