A friend once told me that the worst headache you can have is when u just cum and you sleep off and someone wakes you suddenly! In his words, ‘it is very bad…very bad Deola’…Well, here I am lying partly on my bed and on the rug, holding my forehead with my left hand and typing this post with my right….you don’t really need all those descriptions if i don’t include the fact that I’m having the worst headache invented by the devil! As i don’t have a boyfriend, i didn’t have sex and i DID NOT masturbate (yimu till u drop!) Who caused it???? Well, we shall proceed to talk about that NOW…

8:23am- phone rings…I’m still asleep but i pick it anyway (I’m nice like that and NO! I dont turn my phone off when i sleep and YES! I wake up very late and PLS, don’t ask me what if i sleep early or what i was doing…frankly, I’m tired of that question…as you were). A voice I’ll give 45% on ‘Sexy Voice Scale’ says ‘horllow, this is Kayode, one of your friends gave me your number, and ur pin. Have u seen my request?’I asked the normal questions- who are u, who gave u my number?, bla bla bla…but the network was bad so i didnt hear him! Deola slept back!

From now, i will start including seconds in my time reading…

8:32:10secs- phone rings. Still asleep. I pick up again ‘horllow, have u gotten it?’…
Me- ‘NO, i don’t even know you so why would i accept you?’
Kay- ‘Camaaaan, i just want to be your friend…the network is bad, let’s chat pls’
Me-OK!!!! **bangs fone** well, i didn’t really bang it because it was my blackberry, i just allowed it slide on the bed…if it was dat nokia torch (its just like a  torch), i’ld have flushed it down my WC! As you were…

8:23:20seconds- phone rings (i won’t say this the next time so just know).
Kay- ‘hurllow, did u get it?’
Me- i said ‘NOOOOO’ silently and irritatingly..
Kay- ‘Oh! Sorry, are you asleep?’
Me- ‘I was before now’
Kay- ‘oh! That means i disturbed your sleep’
Me- ‘Oh! No! You just stopped me from dying’
Kay- hahahhahahahahhahaha…you’re a very funny girl, I’m liking you already!
Me- Kiss My Teeth
Kay- Ehn???? Kiss? You’ve not evn brushed!
Me-Can you just stop talking? I’ll accept your request when i get it!
Kay- Baby, i wanna talk to you all day!
Me- *deep sigh* call me back pls…

Eventually the invite came in…I accepted (shut up there, i have my reasons!!)

9.00.01- u know phone will ring abi do i have to say it again? Well, phone rings…
Kay- hurllow Baby, i see you’ve accepted my requested, thank you! And your dp is beauriful by the way.
Me- thanks but can you stop calling me baby pls?
Kay- oh, why? You’re my baby now…
Me- *sigh* no, i am not anybody’s baby, ok? Do me that favour, thank you!
Kay- ok, sweetheart!
Me-*ends call* wanted to slam phone but you know?????

The following events take place on bbm chat *inserts 24 soundtrack*

Kay- Hi
Kay-tell me about you
Me- I’m deola and I’m a girl.
Kay- cool darling
Me-who gave you my number and pin?
Me-pls, I’m menstruating so I’m really in a bad mood…just talk
Kay- ok, hope you don’t have menstrual pain…its a good thing sha, that shows you will be able to get pregnant and have beautiful babies…
Me-*straight face emoticon* who gave you my pin?
Kay- Tola…
I end chat and buzz Tola immediately…
Me-Tola you are a dead person you know that???why you give that stalker my number????
Tola- Sorry dear, I’m asleep. Can we talk later.
Meanwhile Kay- PING!!! PING!!!! Like 426million times

Me-Tola sleep and I’ll delete you and your future generation. I won’t treat you and your family for free in the future when you’re sick! I promise…

Tola-ahn ahn! He said he likes you and i called you yesterday but you didn’t pick up! (She called me around 11pm)…do you like him?

Me- I’ll come back to you…just lemme deal with him first!

Meanwhile, Kay has been calling me and i wasn’t picking!
I eventually picked and before he said his God-forsaken hurllow, i said ”See, stop calling me pls! Are you a freak? 12 missed call in 10minutes! I don’t wanna talk to you, and i don’t like you! And why do you PING after evry line in your chat anyway?…i don’t want you, ok? I’m not your baby and can never be”

His reply- ”i know you’re upset now, lemme call you back, but i enjoyed chatting with you!”..*cuts the phone**

Immediately, i went out and bought credit,called Tola to pls Stop if she & Kay were playing a game! The silly girl said she purposely gave him my number to pay me back for not telling her it was urine that was in the Sprite bottle dem Damola Oni gave her in secondary school! (She sucked it through a straw like a baby sucking breast…buhahahhaahhaha)! But that was 6 years ago!!!!! I knew that girl is evil! Black evil!

I deleted Kay off my bbm, but he’s still calling me with different numbers…the last one i picked gave me that headache *sigh* THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS!

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15 Responses to “MY KAY-SE”
  1. Deola says:

    I read my posts too *giggles*

  2. deola says:

    i comment on my posts too *giggles*

  3. mariam says:

    Bad payback! I dnt understand y some guys act as if dere brain is nt functioning….my advise: dnt speak wit him 4 more dan 10secs….hello? Hello dis is kay….just hang up!

  4. Mariam says:

    Bad payback! I dnt understand y some guys act as if dere brains r nt functioning….my advise: dnt speak wit him 4 more dan 10secs….hello? Hello dis is kay….just hang up!

  5. @farroukcandoit says:

    And this is the funniest blog av read in a while. Homourous and witty. Real and entertaining. Do notify me when you have a new post!

  6. Kayode says:

    O ma gaa o… U can imagine! Infact, ona jin… How could you? Why would you …open my “fawo yansh” lol!
    Nice story there. But the fact that that loverboy bears same name as me would compel me to want to give biased judgement sha!
    Can’t a boy fall in love anymore? Haba.. Him don try to woo you but ur agidi is too much to bear jare.. Remember, akoko ko duro de enikankan!
    Then ur timing? Kayse really had much impact here.. From 8:32… To 8:23 kilode? O-x lol…

  7. CassBaba says:

    LolZ… hehehehehe, them say na Men’s World (and thats Queen’s English o) but with the way Men take dey embarass we guys en, i’m now officially makin it a Lady’s world. Nice read o! i wish i could steal posts off pple’s heads. abi you fit sellme post ni? My blog now has cobwebs…

    BTW, gimme ya pin.

    i love that your friend Tola, na my kinda person. correct revenge! just the way i like it served! lolZ!


  8. pelumi says:

    Hehehe…poor kay,dnt blame d guy..who wouldn’t wana mak a pretty gal lyk u his baby…nice blog*

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