Let’s Get Physical…

My friend & i had a discussion about physical attractiveness. This topic came about when she mentioned that one of our ‘not so close’ friends now has a boyfriend & with the kind of mouth this friend has, her boyfriend was rated below standard by us (we’re not witches).

This drove me back to something i experienced some years back. I shall proceed to narrate the story:

It was a breezy Saturday morning & i was struggling to finish reading Respiratory Physiology in one of the classes. I was the only one in the 250-seater hall & this added to my sleepiness. I decided to take a stroll outside & by the time i was back, about 4 adults were some rows away from me making noise. Seeing they were adults and i couldn’t tell them to shut their mouths, i gave them my ‘have you seen a worse look?’ look. It worked. They kept quiet. Five minutes later, someone came to seat beside me & apologised for their noise & more talks i didn’t listen to. I just wanted him to leave. He asked for my number and i scribbled it on a piece of paper and handed it over to him as i silently wished rain beat him so the paper would be torn.

***fast forward***

Two days later, a strange number called me & he had to describe himself so much before i knew it was him. He called at a time my brain was on ‘hibernation’. We got gisting & i learnt he worked in glo, a post-graduate student of my school & single (i filtered the info…that was all i needed to know about him). We struck a friendship immediately because he spoke very well & didn’t sound like someone that would have mouth odour (yes, there’s a way i recognise people with mouth odour by their voices…don’t ask)! I later gisted my friend exclusively about him & told her that my only regret was that i didn’t look at him at all when he came to me in class & he was back in Lagos.

A couple of glo credit & good conversation later, i was in Lagos to meet the guy who had been keeping me awake with his calls. We fixed to meet at TFC and was i in my best jeans & top? I applied lipstick (something i mostly never do)& even wore my favourite pant incase the thing decides to have a little peep outside.

30seconds later, he called and told me he was inside. My heart started racing while my mind was busy calculating the probability of me meeting an ugly person out of 140million Nigerians. Before i could figure out the answer, someone tapped my shoulder & I’m sure I must have passed out! All my muscles went limp & i felt like I’m choking. My first instinct was to pick my handkerchief & wipe my lipstick off but I was too dazed to find it in my bag.

The guy was bow-legged. The type of bowlegs that makes a complete circle…yeah! that type that makes people walk in a circular motion. As I watched him circle his way to get food for us, i noticed another thing- he has yansh, i like yansh on guys but his own is the sagging type.

Another thing is his hair is not brushed, it actually looked like goat shit (you know goat shit is always rounded & black, that’s how his hair was). I didn’t even look at his face. My mood had changed!

While he was getting food, a very cute guy came to seat across me & offered to buy me food. My first thought was to elope with Mr Cute but decided against it. Mr Yansh came back & gave Mr Cute a very terrible look and being a gentleman, he stood up & left. I felt tears in my left eye as i watched Mr C walk away with his cute yansh.

After that date & a series of ‘Deola, you have changed’ SMSs later, he stopped calling me. The next time i would hear from him was a day to his wedding when he sent me a 4-paged SMS telling me how he wished i was the one he wished he was taking to the altar that day & he didn’t know what he did wrong that made me change towards him. I felt nothing, not even flatter or pity! This was the end of me & Mr Yansh.

I believe physical attractiveness, though not the most important factor in a relationship, is a very important & not to be taken for granted factor…this shall be a topic on its own but I’ll like to hear your thoughts & opinions…

7 Responses to “Let’s Get Physical…”
  1. tobydeeloc says:

    lmao…………..kk……cant stop laughin sef…

  2. @cassBaba says:

    What a pity… Guys don suffer o! iHope i get a girl that will love me and my K-Legs…

  3. Luciano says:

    Stone cold!!! “I felt nothing, Not even flatter or pity!” This is someone that still took time to send a 4-page text so close to his wedding day. Ö ga fun e ö. But obviously from your post, a man’s level of wealth or comfortability comes first before anything else.

  4. tipteey! says:

    Lool! If its me too I will do same! Was jst telling sum1 ystrday nyt how important chemistry is! It can mk or break a rship! Being physically attracted to sum1 is a major factor!

  5. Deola says:

    Hey tobydeeloc, thanks
    @cassBaba…their’s a girl out their for you…she’s just not yet born..hehehe :p
    @Luciano…lmao. Well, a man’s comfortability is essential but there is no where i implied that it comes first..

  6. Deola says:

    Tipteey, thanks. i told a male friend this and he thinks I’m being shallow…if short doesn’t work for you & you go for short, well, you are on your own. I just hope & pray your partner (male or female)loves heels..lol

  7. insayne says:

    Rotflmao aDeola dis z ill!!

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