hallo hi I’m Deola

Hi all…..i just got a new blog….yayyy me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now, i’m feeling like Mark Zuckerberg…or Bill Gates….or anybody that is rich, handsome and deals with computer, yeah! and tall too and this is all because i now have two blogs….*inserts NTA soundtrack*

Actually, i got this wordpress blog because it’s almost impossible for me to post on my blogspot blog through my blackberry…My blackberry hangs so much i’m afraid it will commit suicide one day! Anyways, i hope you enjoy this as much as you’ve been enjoying http://www.readatyourrisk.blogspot.com. I’m so excited *rubs palms together* I look forward to your comments…choking kisses to you all…baya

2 Responses to “hallo hi I’m Deola”
  1. Mariam says:

    Bad payback! I dnt understand y some guys act as if dere brain is nt functioning….my advise: dnt speak wit him 4 more dan 10secs….hello? Hello dis is kay….just hang up!

  2. @seyizy says:

    lmao…. do u wanna kill me with ur choking kiss ni?? love ur style dear… #thatisall

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