What if?

“I….will…destroy….your….fa….”, I said inbetween moans as he bit my ear. Gosh! How did he know that would turn me on? I opened my eyes to look at his face-expressionless. “Fu-ck-ing ba-stard”, I heard my self breathe the words slowly as I led him into my office. Deola, be focused! You hate this guy’s father. Does … Continue reading

Life As I Want It

I’m in class right now and I’m bored & tired…I can’t hear a word the lecturer is saying yet every other classmate is laughing hard & saying something. Maybe I’m not listening…maybe I don’t want to hear anything…Heads bowed, licking my sweet Victoria Secrets’ lipgloss (lemme hear ahn ahn ahn ahn *in Pastor Okotie’s voice*), … Continue reading