Miss Influenza

I am sick. Ok…scratch that…I’m not sick, I have cattarh. I’m not like those oyinbos that would stay indoors because they have “the flu”…they will now lie in bed with their red faces like its more than cattarh. NO!!!! In my house, you are only sick when you have malaria. That’s it!!! You can’t stay … Continue reading

Dear Diary.

I cast out every spirit of 2 posts per month in my life in Jesus’ name. Kiloderm?! Anyway, I got something for y’all before August gallops off…enjoy… ************************************************** Dear Diary, He hit me again today. I saw an entirely different colour of stars; the colour was a mix of peach and red- they were so … Continue reading

Did you know these?

*in E! Voice* Here are the 10 things you did not know about me…Sit (stand) back, relax & read…. 1. I “auto-weaned” myself when I was 6 months old. Yes, I’m bad ass like that. I was tired of the breast secretion (ewwww) & stopped taking it. For this reason, I was transferred to my … Continue reading

The Tale of The Headless Chicken.

Hello… This is not one of those folklore stories you (razz) people used to gather around to listen to, sorry to disappoint you. I’ve always been dreaming of writing a “tale” because it sounds like what them intelligent people write so, here we are…:D Mid last week while I was taking a break from blackberry … Continue reading