Did you know these?

*in E! Voice* Here are the 10 things you did not know about me…Sit (stand) back, relax & read…. 1. I “auto-weaned” myself when I was 6 months old. Yes, I’m bad ass like that. I was tired of the breast secretion (ewwww) & stopped taking it. For this reason, I was transferred to my … Continue reading

The Tale of The Headless Chicken.

Hello… This is not one of those folklore stories you (razz) people used to gather around to listen to, sorry to disappoint you. I’ve always been dreaming of writing a “tale” because it sounds like what them intelligent people write so, here we are…:D Mid last week while I was taking a break from blackberry … Continue reading

My Notes: Letter to My Ex-Crush.

Hey all :d, So in order to get my writing “mojo” back on, I’ve decided to write a series of my thoughts to some people…they may come in form of letters or otherwise…I don’t promise to do this everyday but I’ll try & be consistent… Dear ex-Crush T., How are you? How’s law school? You’ve … Continue reading

H. E. L. L. O.

Hello. I’m not even going to make any excuses for not being here all these while. I basically had (and probably still have) a major case of brain block. My days all look alike…you know same shit, different toilets. I feel everyday is a thursday, being that thursdays are usually my “middle” & indifferent days…I’m … Continue reading

What if?

“I….will…destroy….your….fa….”, I said inbetween moans as he bit my ear. Gosh! How did he know that would turn me on? I opened my eyes to look at his face-expressionless. “Fu-ck-ing ba-stard”, I heard my self breathe the words slowly as I led him into my office. Deola, be focused! You hate this guy’s father. Does … Continue reading

Life As I Want It

I’m in class right now and I’m bored & tired…I can’t hear a word the lecturer is saying yet every other classmate is laughing hard & saying something. Maybe I’m not listening…maybe I don’t want to hear anything…Heads bowed, licking my sweet Victoria Secrets’ lipgloss (lemme hear ahn ahn ahn ahn *in Pastor Okotie’s voice*), … Continue reading

Baba Amala…welcome!!!!

I can feel my heart palpitating & my hand pulsating now. If you read this line carefully, you’ll hear my heartbeats. I’m very tired & angry and this is one of the times I wanna live alone…not get married, just freaking live alone!!!!! My dad travelled with my youngest sibling few days back and they … Continue reading


This is my first post since my phone crashed…something about my last post. What have you guys been doing to each other? Pless is different from Press…u know that thing you learnt in primary school called A B C…? Yeah, one has an ‘L’ and the other an ‘R’. To the real issue… I opened … Continue reading

Pless Ya Bleasts

Let me paint you a picture of me right now: I just finished having my bath & still wet,dripping & naked, I’m standing infront of my full-length mirror. In some seconds, I’ll raise my right hand up over my head & use my left hand to feel my right breast all around…I’ll also do vice … Continue reading

Kiss And Tell

I’m lying in bed, watching MTV Base and guess which song came on…that gay-ish song by 3Oh3 & Ke$ha-My first kiss. Their lips in that song are very yucky…i mean why do they have to paint on gold lipstick and start pouting like snakes in our faces?(Do snakes pout?..whatever) And that Ke$ha? she just looks … Continue reading