This is a very impromptu post. I just had to write something.
2011 has been a generally bleh year for me…the type that you just want to roll by quickly so that you would feel the ‘fresh air’ you feel the next year would bring.

One of the reasons I really am not as excited about this year is the numerous deaths that it has been laced with. Seriously, I do not understand…people that you had a chat with, that you partied together, that retweeted one of your tweets, that taught you in school, that performed their new song, that stared in your favorite show, that invented something and so on just die! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

Yesterday, I received news that one of my favorite (if not my only favorite) lecturers passed away. Like seriously?! Baba Kolawole died? No way! Like nobody that nice, cheerful and full of life should die…not so soon.

I know we all leave this world some day and all that but the rate at which young people make this eternal journey is alarming. What is responsible for this? Can GOD just please answer this question about death once and for all so that the air is cleared!
The age old consolation of “they are in a better place” doesn’t even work for me anymore. I don’t know…I’m confused!

Anyway, I just want to use this post to remember people I have lost…I’m gonna light a candle for them one by one and include the most striking thing about them:

1. I light a candle for my grandma, Chief (Mrs) Adedeji…this woman shaped my life. I owe my large forehead to you, Yeyeloye.

2. I light a candle for Baba Kolawole, my Pharmacology lecturer. I never ever thought you would die because you were so full of life and vibrant. Maybe I should have paid more attention to you and not postponed meeting you. R.I.P. Sir.

3. I light a candle for NIKO, my neighbour’s gateman. I still haven’t forgiven those robbers that shot you but I’m sure you would have smiled and forgiven them if you had survived that gunshot. I remember you helping me with my car out of the ditch.

4. I light a candle for my aunt, Mrs Adepoju. All I remember is your sparkling eyes. I was very young when you died…I wish I witnessed all the nice things I hear day in day out about you.

5.I light a candle for my great grandmother…your wise words are still what keep me strong.

6. I light a candle for my aunt-in-law…you had a long fight with breast cancer.

7. I light a candle for Mr. Dada and Musiliu: these were my patients that I interacted with and really thought hey they would live after all but I came back 5 minutes later and they are gone.

Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs, Andy Whitfield, Troy Davis, Heavy D, Sam Loco, DaGrin, MC Loph and all those I can’t remember, I light candles for y’all.

These candles are some sort of remembrance (no cele).

Ever lost someone close? You can use the comment box to light a candle for them and say a little about them as some sort of remembrance….

I pray these (untimely) deaths reach a permanent stop. Lord PLEASE have mercy on us.



21 Responses to “Sigh”
  1. Dee says:

    iLight a candle for my dreams to travel this year… crashed like Sosoliso…. šŸ˜„

  2. Qickbucks says:

    I light packs of candles for all of em fallen heroes in all the unrests all around the world. “if you dont have something to die for, then you ain’t got nothing to live for – MLKJ paraphrase “

  3. tipceee says:

    It is so evident dt u rarely v light in ur zone…:|

    I rmbr my grandparents, I always do…if I v jst 1 wish I will wish 4 ’em 2come bk 2 life…if not bcos of ’em I won’t b alive *sniff sniff*

    I rmbr Mrs Adegoke, my neighbour and friends’ mother…she made sense and hearing abt her death few mnths bk was disheartening.

    I light a candle for osaze’s father…

    2b continued…late for russian lang class

  4. Sisi Yemmie says:

    Yeah….a candle for those we’ve lost

  5. ada says:

    I light a candle for my Uncle. I wish we had spent more time together before you passed on.

    I light a Candle for my sister Inlaw Omoafe. You brought light into our lives and we miss you.

    I light a candle both aunts I lost to Cancer, love you both.

    I pray God keeps us all and gives us long life. Amen.

  6. Musa says:

    No one is lighting a candle for Yaradua?

  7. taofeeq says:

    Nyc post dear, lyt a whole forest…

  8. iLight a candle for my first love… i coulda married you… šŸ˜„
    iLight a candle for my great grandfather… what would i be without him?
    iLight a candle for Baba Suwe’s unfound shitz…

  9. @Frankices says:

    I’ve never reli lost any1 close to me n for that I’m foreva grateful to God(pls let it remain like that, God. Thank U. Love U!) I can only imagine the pain. Wat I thnk it feels like cannot be half of the real pain. I pray that God in His infinite mercy continues to comfort friends n families of those who lost their lives. Amen. *hugs*

  10. tipceee says:

    …I light a candle for Dr. Bassey…Pharm. Biola sanusi…finished d race but d victory was cut short…my prayers r always wv their families…


  11. TweetLoveDoctor says:

    This is a touching post. This year I would say have been the most scary of all the years I’ve witnessed on earth. Celebrities died like fowls that suffered plagues. It is truly saddening. May all their souls find eternal rest. I’ll light my candles too.

    I light my candles for those friends that are dead to me. It was a blessing you are all dead to me. Good riddance.

    I light my candles for those who died fighting for justice.

    I light my candles for a friend’s aunt who died while she labored at the hospital.

    But I will not light any candle for the demise of Nigeria, yet, especially PHCN.

    Conclusively, RIP MTN, I’ll burn a forest for you rather than light candles.

  12. malota says:

    I light a candle for the love all those that passed away without attaining any of their dreams
    I light a candle for Kids who could not take care of their parents in their old age.
    I light a candle for Loves and Friendships that died out because of pride
    I light a candle for myself……
    But i hope to raise again soon.

  13. Pha't says:

    Lovely post… I’d probably run out of candles though…May our loved ones rest easy..

  14. Debo, I can totally relate with yours. Would light a candle for my Grandma ‘Maami’ she passed away of Feb 14th.

  15. eva says:

    I light a candle for my cousin. She died on d 1st of oct, her bday. ( -Ģ©Ģ©Ģ©Ķ”Ė› -Ģ©Ģ©Ģ©Ķ” ) I love her so much

    I light a candle for my fav aunt Lydia, she fought but d freakn cancer neva gave up. She was d bestest frnd of all. I remember all ’em money she snuck to me against my mum’s wish, d trips we had together, d warm embrace she neva hesitated to gv (evn tho her bobby dey always suffocate me) *sigh*…

    I light a candle for for my grandma, dat woman was a gang star mehn! Too much activity for her body

    God bless their souls

    Nice one Dee

  16. highlandblue says:

    I’m touched by this. I’ve lost only 2 people my entire life. Sigh

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