Dear Diary: My Confession (Part 1)

Dear Diary,

I had a good childhood. Don’t get me wrong please! The word “good” is relative. My childhood was superb if you compare it with what I went through some years before now.

I never knew my dad. My mother never mentioned his name. I knew very early in life not to ask questions about him. I, however, had a mind picture of how my dad looks.
He had a big head and a tail. He could swim really fast too. Yes, my dad was a sperm cell. I had his drawn pictures all over our room; he even had a pair of glasses on in one.

The phrase “live from hand to mouth”, is one I heard a lot from my mother. She prayed to God to stop us from living from hand to mouth every day and night. My initial thought was our room is bigger than the distance between mama’s hands and her mouth, until I asked her one day what the phrase meant and mama simply said “things are difficult”. Again, I pictured the very difficult algebra test Mr. Sarumi gave us the previous day. That was difficult, but I solved it. Mama would solve this too.
Please, don’t blame me. I was just 8 years old.

I realized mama could not solve this “difficulty” when I dropped out of school and started hawking boiled corn a day before my 9th birthday. You see, I remember my birthday every year and I solemnly promised myself I would buy a cake for each birthday when I grow up and have money. I would then feed the cake to mama until her sunken eyes fit perfectly in their sockets and her cheek bone is covered by “cake fat”. I would then share the remaining with people.
I was just 9 but I had a lot of dreams, topmost on that list was to make things easy, especially for mama.

Mama roasted the corns and sold them by the roadside while I sold the boiled ones. I read it in one of the papers mama used to wrap the corn that this was called “division of labour”.

I stopped hawking boiled corn when I was 15 years. I was still out of school. Mama stopped selling roasted corn too. She finally had enough money to open a very small shop where she sold provisions but not yet enough to send me back to school. I was excited. I was willing to wait. I answered all our customers cheerfully as I thought to myself they were contributing to the realization of my dreams and they didn’t even know it.

Mr Jayeoba, the roadside mechanic, would come to the shop then and he and mama would go somewhere. I didn’t care. Not until one day when I had to run home to pick a piece of paper I was reading the previous day. I made to open the tiny window which was our only source of light during the day only to meet mama and Mr Jayeoba having sex on the same spot I laid my head whenever I wanted to sleep.

His lower lip hung loosely from his jaw while he lifted his head to look at me. His sweaty palm touched my bare foot as he made to roll off mama. I quickly removed my foot from his sweaty obese body. He was going to touch me anyway; the room was too small for his pot belly. He groaned like an old cow and whispered something incoherent.

Mama pushed me hurriedly out of the room. I’m sure she thought the almost broken wooden door had a “jam lock” with the way she slammed it. The squeal of the rusted door hinges echoed in my mind as I ran out of our narrow passage. I tripped over Mama Olomo Mewa‘s baby bath and I bruised my elbow. I got up and continued running till I got to our shop.

Few minutes later, I was still trying to “plaster” my wound with a cut out piece of paper when Mama came to meet me, still in d same ankara wrapper that was wound around Mr jayeoba’s loin. She said she wanted to tell me something important. God, I hope he is not my father, I silently prayed to myself.


44 Responses to “Dear Diary: My Confession (Part 1)”
  1. raihanah says:

    lovely… I’d luv to see the end..can’t wait!

  2. femiadigz says:

    “The room was too small for his pot-belly” what hard times we live in. I wish the author could use her unique writting skills to elaborate more on the sex scene. Mama and the mechanic character certainly deserve more in this feature.

    Abi am I the only one gunning for this?

  3. @McNiche says:

    Deolaaaa! LMAO!
    You just keep spawning silly ideas? where d hell did u come across a ‘bespectacled sperm cell’…? no wonder when u mentioned ur mother & ‘hand to mouth’, i was already picturing those long arms of the fallopian tube (that look like they’re feeding d uterus)!

    Can’t wait to read part 2!

  4. femiadigz says:

    @Mcniche u av an incline creative thinking sense.

  5. O_nix says:

    Nice unless this isn’t fiction.

  6. ruffwise says:

    Sperm wid glasses…lol…dnt keep us in suspense 4 too long o else I will hack in2 ur brain to get d concluding part

  7. damyshow says:

    Hmm!.. Am sure diz is sum1’z story. So touchin, but were’z τ̣̣ђё finish.. *huh?* am waitin.. 😀

  8. rinolee says:

    Lmao! Pathetic, I wonder what mama have to say…..abeg wc style Mr jaiyeoba and mama dey use?

  9. eva says:

    Loooool…hmmmmm. Nice one

  10. Shuga Ray says:

    😀 why did dis remind me of the day I got caught by my Dad

  11. otunba07 says:

    I wonder atimes wot drove Deola to Medicine…should be a writer,poet or a screenplay writer…. Nice work,suspence make sence….can’t wait for the concluding part…

  12. awizii says:

    Pretty decent story..ha! the part about the sperm cell with glasses on? Hilarious.

  13. barr taiwo says:

    Dr dee, just tl me ts a fiction, u r very creative though.

  14. @ezinne says:

    Nice…. Yeah d sperm cell wiv d glasses wz hilarious. And abt d sex scene,no need to elaborate. It’s jst a work of fiction,sorta a short story,so no need for the elaboration. Welldone D!

  15. @Frankices says:

    Algebra test at 8(is this possible)? Lil Einstein. Very gud writing. Weldone. Made me sad tho…

  16. seyi efuntoye says:

    9ce descriptns, brilliant ideas…fink u shud post ds on….

  17. @bule_jr says:

    my baby is improving oh. i like the concept. keep them coming.

  18. baltimore says:

    9c..Why the suspense tho? 😦

  19. desiree says:

    Wow!! Loving d creativity! Very touching bt real story…

  20. anagazo says:

    ok, i can identify with bits of this.. i wan2 see the end tho..

  21. fisayo says:

    I really love the suspense and the reality of this short story. Brief, but encapsulating.

  22. Shuga Ray says:

    LOOL.. Deola you funny gan

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