Dear Diary.

I cast out every spirit of 2 posts per month in my life in Jesus’ name. Kiloderm?! Anyway, I got something for y’all before August gallops off…enjoy…


Dear Diary,

He hit me again today. I saw an entirely different colour of stars; the colour was a mix of peach and red- they were so beautiful.

The neighbours didn’t know too. I’ve finally learnt how not to make a sound when he does. Yayyy me.

I can’t quite place when I actually stopped feeling the pain. Was it the first time he “mistakenly” slapped me when I told him to get out?

You know I still believe it was a mistake. Even if it was not, I was rude…too rude. Why would I tell my boyfriend to get out? What kind of wife do I want to be in the future?

Yeah! I think I stopped feeling the pain after I playfully told him I wasn’t going to abort the third pregnancy. You know its actually funny now thinking about it. What was I thinking? Ofcourse, he loves me but he isn’t ready to be a dad. Gosh! Sometimes I’m just too daft to understand simple explanation. No wonder I still haven’t been admitted into the school I’ve been living in for the past five years.

I’m sure Mike was joking when he said he would “auto-abort” the pregnancy with his fists. LOL…Mike can be very funny…I mean where did he get the word “auto-abort”?

He “mistakenly” hit my head on the floor when I further told him I had picked out names for the baby. I was just trying to be as funny as him. Ofcourse I knew he wasn’t ready but I got him so upset that he stood up while my head was on his chest and my head hit our rugged floor in the self-contained room we both share.

He wasn’t comfortable with my friends so I had to stop talking to them. I can’t lose my boyfriend and future husband.

Dunni just doesn’t understand him! She has refused to. That’s why she’s single. Can you imagine her telling me to leave him the first time I told him Mike slapped him? I wouldn’t have told her if it was not for my swollen lips.

That girl is a witch. She can get out stuff you don’t ever want to tell anybody from your lips with complete ease. She’s just like a man- too strong- and the elders say two men cannot be in a relationship abi? I think this is why she keeps breaking up with her boyfriends?

So what if Mike tells lies? What if he sleeps with other girls? What if he hits me? What if he prefers to have sex with me without condom but isn’t ready to be a dad? What if he makes me steal money from my elder sister for him? Is he not a guy? Are you not supposed to sacrifice for your relationship? Doesn’t she know guys are like that? O ga oh. I pity her.

Dunni just doesn’t get it! She’s too strong-headed.

Now, she’s not talking to me because she said I never get to visit her. She says we’ve been friends for long but isn’t that supposed to make her understand better when my boyfriend says he doesn’t like me going out?

She also says I should stop co-habiting with him? *inserts Fadeyi Oloro laugh* where then do I start my life?

The only thing I don’t like is that Mike hasn’t still gotten me admission. 😦 I’ve been telling him this but he keeps postponing it. I just want to be able to go to school like others too. I know I’ve wasted 5 years already but its not Mike’s fault; its that of those “runz guys” he pays to every year but they always disappoint him. He’s not happy about it too.

Mike loves me. The same reason he made me swear with my father’s grave not to ever cheat on him. Is there any love greater than this?

Nobody gets this. No one understands. Not Dunni. Not the neighbours.

Every body in life face trials and this is mine.

I can’t wait for our wedding day. I’ll be very mad if Mike doesn’t eventually marry me like Dunni said! I’ll set fire on both of us so we can both feel the pain of love.

He will marry me. He loves me.

Diary, I’ll come back. He needs to eat at 8:15pm.

Mike’s love

27 Responses to “Dear Diary.”
  1. authorwales says:

    Dear Mike’s Love,
    Mike will marry you, yes, your dead body.

  2. CassBaba noni says:

    Shior! Change ur name to shigidi. I can smell the sacarsm from Lagos here.

  3. raihanah says:

    Wow…nice! Like the way ypu went into the head of the ‘abused’…to scared to get the hell out..too comfortable in what is ‘old’ to start out alone.. Keep convincing herself he loves her…I hurt for these girls,I know quite a few! They keep saying its me and my ‘manish’ self!! Like!! I’d rather be single and keep my head..

    As you rightly pointed out,abuse begins with enstrangemt from frnds,he keeps you where he wants you!!! I really sympathize with mike’s love! 8:45 ke??

    I’d luv to read a sequel.. 😀

  4. terdoh says:

    Where do they get girlfriends like this na? I’ve been searching since. I’m done with all these smart ones. Please, hook a brother up.

    • adeolaaa says:

      They are right there. Sitting in the carnarr, waiting for you. 🙂

    • Luciano says:

      you know this! a human puppet doll/ fuck doll/ punching bag/ robot……. *crying profusely* Deola I want one too!

      but really I think the dude must have hit her so hard that she is now suffering from brain damage, either that or dude knows a really efficient jazz man whom I’d like to have his BB PIN please.

      sounds too sad to be true (too good to be true in Terdoh’s case)…… girls aren’t that dumb na, are they!?

  5. tipceee says:

    Wow! If I dint know beta I’d v sed ds is U lol! And I can relate somehow…d first hit is always a mistake….and d gal can’t break free. I like ds post! U did good 😉

  6. balakeeee says:

    Hmmn, nice post, d sarcasm, right on point!

    Btw, I think I know mike’s love.

  7. chukx says:

    Wow!! Ermm that babe was born with her ‘thinking faculty’ missing.. Nice write the way you speak from the victim’s ‘blurred’ perspective.. Might throw jokes about it but a lot of ladies go through this.. I won’t call it foolishness..most times they are left hanging on that ‘thin thread’..thinking the man has plans to aid her ambitions/support her. ‘Dunni’ is what ladies going through this mess actually need..but let’s say a more patient,understanding to see her through it her senses to know there’s much more to life.. TRUE(PATIENT & UNDERSTANDING) FRIENDS ARE RARE. If she remains stubborn then we just ‘lean back’ and watch Mike do the rock away with her 😀 #okbye

  8. Shuga Ray says:

    Now this kinda love is like the case of a politician feeding his opponent wit cake in public. What is his intent? No one knows.
    I don’t know what Mike is up to but you’ll be sure to have my back when he “mistakenly” Dumps you Fϑя anoda honey.

  9. Shuga Ray says:

    @Cassbaba noni: oboy u dey so sarcastic gan! U dey smell sarcasm frm Lag?? #teamwifebeater noni

  10. phumeelurlah says:

    Lol!can’t stop laughing!but these things are so true,pls make it a sequel,can’t wait,lol

  11. phumeelurlah says:

    Meant *series*

  12. baltimore says:

    This love is made in China

  13. olajohnson says:

    Hope Mike’s Love gets to read this. But will she recognise herself?

  14. Frankices says:

    This was written almost a yr ago. Is it too late to comment? LIKE I CARE! Kmt! :p

    Oh My God. This had me laffing(and almost crying). Sum girls r just so clueless, it semi-pathetic. 😥

    I wonder how many pple on Twitter havnt read it. Lemme help reduce the numba. 😀

    P.S. Yes Deolaaaaaa. Im raping ur blog. Starting from the top. ^_^

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