My Notes: Letter to My Ex-Crush.

Hey all :d,

So in order to get my writing “mojo” back on, I’ve decided to write a series of my thoughts to some people…they may come in form of letters or otherwise…I don’t promise to do this everyday but I’ll try & be consistent…

Dear ex-Crush T.,

How are you? How’s law school? You’ve not been on twitter in ages, are you OK? Or has Bwari been that busy? I’m sorry dear.

I shouldn’t give a f*#k about you again since you disappointed me with those lips of yours but as a mature citizen, I’ll let it pass. But T., I have to confess to really got me fooled.

How did you take that picture? How did your head come out perfectly shaped? How did your lower lip pick itself up to form a perfect pout in your former twitter avatar? How did you do it? You broke my heart! What if God had answered my prayers of asking me to meet you? You were my ONLY wish for months only for you to put up another avatar & I found out that the head I dreamt of being on my chest could actually burst my left boob (I pick on this boob a lot…its not “stronger” than its twin…); the lips that I thought would be so soft & cover my whole lips turned out to be a nightmare…they could form a perfect O around my head.

I know its not your fault & your lips aren’t bad but I had a picture…an expectation but you just had to change your avatar. T-girl (she’ll kill me for this name) laughed her flat ass out literally when she saw your new avatar…now, she has to get a new set of jeans (if there’s a pun there, its intended!).

Day & “knight” I prayed to meet you T. I went through you flirting with other girls painfully & silently. You ignored me & I endured because good things don’t come easy. If I had known you would disappoint me, shey I would have put “maltina cares” or some mean response infront of those dry tweets?! But NO, lust blinded my eyes…all your tweets were funny & intelligent to me. I always wanted to abuse people that tweet rubbish at you but it took the last of my strength to stop.

Because of you, I left all potential crushes. Even with their Idris Elba lips staring right in my face, I would say “NO, they are not as sexy as T.’s lips”. It was all a lie, a ponmo…

I forgive you T…I really do & I hope we remain friends. My heart has been healed…I found a new crush & He Aint You *in Breezy’s voice* hope you find happiness with your real self but I warn you the next dry thing you tweet would be met with the right response. I’m not a fool anymore!!!

Your once heart-broken follower,

You ever had a crush that turned out to be just opposite of who you pictured???? Let’s hear it…as usual, hide facts that would have your head as someone’s isiewu meal šŸ™‚


16 Responses to “My Notes: Letter to My Ex-Crush.”
  1. cassbaba says:

    *rme* T ko, Z ni. You try. I wish I could write about my crushes without them knowing. :s

  2. raihanah says:

    Virtual crushes…*sigh*..
    S had to be so tall,so fine and so painfully hot with eyes so deep my staring eyes could drown in them…

    I still have that its only drops..the storm has ended! Good for me.

    And hope mr.Ponmo lips has not killed one innocent girl by sucking out the mucus in her nose with his ‘powerful” lips… On your behalf,dee..I do not miss him!

  3. chux says:

    A lol and a lol and a… Olori gbeske..hmmm..can’t say ‘mush’ on this..I think everyone has their all time virtual crush..for me its so many (yes I’m an e-ashewo like that)..pls just joking I get wife o. *clears throat* but yeah at some point people just get off the image part cos really ‘looks’ can be deceiving (King solomon knew this)…do you know how many times that person stood and pouted (I’m talking about girls here) before getting that right ‘amber/nicki’— ‘rosebud/barbie’ look..I’m not saying it doesn’t apply o. For me its like you look at the person’s avatar and you go ‘hmmm nice/okay/wow’ and then you get more connected at the way you actually connect through conversations/comments/tweets’n’retweets..In my own personal opinion its more about that point of connection..if you decide you’re going to set P and you fall on only looks instead of what really gets ur crush might end up so disappointed..A friend had this experience—->Picture meeting @MostBeautifulGirlinNigeria and obviously avatar makes sense and then when you get to finally meet up she can’t speak proper english (if you had taken time to go through her TL you’d have noticed this)..oh and plus she has all the disfunctional phonetics, plus ‘EHLR’ instead of seeing ‘wonder-woman’ get ‘she-hulk'(well you probably would still get smashed) *shrugs*..still I say..STILL..looks still do come in. okay this isn’t my blog its meant to be a comment..I’m a TT outta here..nice write up though.
    Mr. T though..hmmm *now going through your followers for anyone with ponmo lips*
    Let’s here all of it though.. I mean about the rest of ’em crushes šŸ˜€

    • tipceee says:

      Chuks can u pls summarize, I can’t read ds “book”!

    • adeolaaa says:

      Hahaha! Chicks, sorry chucks I read all of these while holding my breath. *sigh* looks matter most def & I actually think that’s d only thing that matters when its a “crush”. When u wanna take it far, then we think about other stuffS. Anyway, Mr. T is kinda invisible, like superman, or abija or fadeyi :d.

  4. authorwales says:

    *smh* you’re impossible.
    instead make you love my ponmo lips like that you dey yab me.
    God dey o.
    we go finally see the new crush, maybe that one go be akilapa.
    no P na, i go change my avatar back, and another babe go crush on me.

  5. DjBee says:

    I miss u too,i thought u were perfect until i saw ur new hairstyle smh…..u look like ekaette too loool
    Nice one tho,i don’t do crush i do limca, miranda etc

  6. shuga ray says:

    wow….. beautiful! this is actually talking to me…. nice

  7. Kemmiiii says:

    lol..this is nicee.

  8. terdoh says:

    See sub sha. Anyway, I’ve gotten it. You will not see my ugly face again. I have graduated from Law school by the way, and Bwari is a bitch. Thanks for asking.

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