H. E. L. L. O.


I’m not even going to make any excuses for not being here all these while. I basically had (and probably still have) a major case of brain block.

My days all look alike…you know same shit, different toilets. I feel everyday is a thursday, being that thursdays are usually my “middle” & indifferent days…I’m not sad like when Mondays come & not happy like when friday comes…thursday is the in-between…

By now, you would have discovered I don’t really have anything to write about but I will talk about my latest addiction—-» Miss Adele Atkins’ songs.

I’m so much in love with EVERYTHING she sings & this made me “wikipedia” her “21” album some days back. I read extensively on every track…the reason behind the lyrics & all & what I concluded was that some boyfriends come into your life to inspire you…

The relationship didn’t work out but look at what Adele came up with…an album that is still selling thousands of copies after months of release! Beat that, former Mr. Adele…shakashaka yooyoo oloju eja poki!

That’s why it shocks me & makes my jaw drop when I see some girls wanting to run mad cus their relationship ended. I mean I totally support grief & all but please don’t start whining about how your life that wasn’t existing before has ended or start crying up & down & expecting me to give you tissue. God help you if I find some John Brown (y’all remember that old, sand-paper like tissue, lol) & hand it over to you, if not, na to use mouth suck ur cattarh &look like a witch with your running eyeliner. :p

I’m not mean. No! I’m not! GRIEF!!!, infact, call the vice chancellor of your school to tell him you wanna take a break cus you just lost your knight in shiny armour but don’t give me any of that staring-into-the-distance-absent-mindedly look & deep sigh. The thing is I’m always really bothered when people deep sigh & have that look on & I ask wassup most of the time…I can try & listen to your story, but putting on a sad face & get wrinkle-lines cus your boyfriend threw you out of a house you were co-habiting is hardwork for me…some even stain your dress with their mucus…KMT!

Ok! Back to my Adele (notice how similar our names are when you write them? Adeola? Adele? No? Ok, meanies 😦 )…

Well I call her Ade, bite me!

I have a list of her songs that I’m really feeling now. I listen to her lyrics so much that I feel she’s talking to me in a sing-song voice…I see her songs as stories…DEEP stories. Here are my faves:

1. Set Fire to the Rain.

2. Hometown glory.

3. Rolling in the Deep.

4. Someone like you.

5. Rumour has it.

6. Make you feel my love.

7. Turning Tables.

8. Lovesong.

9. Chasing Pavements.

Frank Ocean is doing “it” for me now too. I love these two artistes because they fit into any of my activites- reading, bb related stuff, gisting etc.

For now, I have Ocean’s Novacane & We All Try…I hope to get more when glo finishes worshipping the devil & gives me good network.

I’m such a fan of low tempo music now as opposed to the upbeat ones I used to listen to…I still do though but really ocassionally.

Well, that’s that about that, lol.

I guess this is better than letting the spiders live on here & feed on my posts one by one. I’ll be back soon-ish & oh! Before I forget, wish me good luck in my tests.


5 Responses to “H. E. L. L. O.”
  1. dee says:

    *yawn* + bleh….ur worst post ever!

  2. Cassbaba noni says:

    Hmmmmm. Seems strange that I could be the only one alive today that hasn’t listened to any of Adele’s songs. If I hear her name one more time, I will fuckin scream till shit comes out of my nose. I’m content with my Enya, I’m not interested in another addiction. Well, maybe this is another reminder to gaan download her songs. But if I don’t like her songs, trust me, she will not hear the end of my male chauvinist abuse. 😐 lemme get off ur distin before I turn it into a venting blog… 😀

    • adeolaaa says:

      D only reason shit will come out of ur nose is when u r trying to hit one of Adele’s high notes. :p download one of her songs & get back to me. Thank me later! 🙂

      • so i eventually downloaded the songs and the only one i like is:

        We could have had it all
        Rolling in the deep
        (Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
        You had my heart inside of your hand
        (You’re gonna wish you never had met me)
        And you played it to the beat
        (Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)

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