What if?

“I….will…destroy….your….fa….”, I said inbetween moans as he bit my ear. Gosh! How did he know that would turn me on? I opened my eyes to look at his face-expressionless.

“Fu-ck-ing ba-stard”, I heard my self breathe the words slowly as I led him into my office.

Deola, be focused! You hate this guy’s father. Does this even make sense? This would jeopardise your case…all these thoughts crossed my mind as I removed the last layer of clothing on me, revealing my leopard-print LaSenza bra and matching pant.

I made to turn out the light but he grabbed my breasts from behind…I’m sure he could feel my hard nipple through my heavily padded bra.
I felt the vaginal fluid gosh out as he breathed down my neck…licked it down to my shoulder and stopped.

“Please continue…don’t stop…don’t….”

I felt his hardness against my stomach as he made his way down to my navel.
Everywhere was dark but I could still see his shiny eyes…his sexy eyes…and I could see another thing- all the documented evidences I had against his father. Laying there in the yellow “My Clear Bag”, I could hear them calling me bastard. I turned my face away from the table while he slowly removed my pant…my then slimy pant!

Can you even recollect his name? Fool, can you?

“It starts with an L”, a voice in my head answered.

He sojourned on each part of my body for 60 seconds….yes! I counted it.

He made his way inside…it was very easy as I’ve never been readier. I could finally see some emotion on his face…pleasure. He was enjoying me too…I swing my waist to the sound of my rickety table. Maybe Seun would finally change it if it fell apart now.

I moaned. I screamed. I called his name.

It didn’t start with an ‘L’…it’s a ‘B’…Bolude…that was his name.

I felt my vaginal muscles tighten and heard his long moan as the light came on…damn NEPA!!! Damn me for not turning out the light. Now, he’s going to see my face and my expression…I would see his too…

I moaned…he moaned…we came. He reached for the yellow file to fan his body as he slumped on the table beside me.

“You are my best”, he said as he made to wear his now rumpled pants, “see you in court on Monday”, he added with a sheepish smile.

“Bastard”, I cussed under my breath.

Thank God I have the whole weekend to deal with this shit.

“Just so you know, I’m still bringing your father down” I said as he fixed his cuff links.

“Yes…it’s a date”

I stared at the yellow file, expressionless.

*** *** *** *** *** ***
Err…okay…need I remind you guys that Deola character is a fiction? No? Okay good people.

I thought about this story while I was in bed last night…the father in that story is Akala…and yes! That’s his son.

I’m down with malaria now and I feel its due to the stress of shuttling between two states for lectures. Ofcourse, Akala caused it. I won’t bore you with the details. So yesterday, I wished his son was on twitter…so that I could give him a piece of my mind…maybe he would tell his father.

A 2nd thought crossed my mind—-ยป what if I eventually meet the son & we hook up?, hence the character ‘Deola’.

Not to blow my trumpet guys but I sure am silly :d…thanks for reading.


17 Responses to “What if?”
  1. raihanah says:

    Very silly… Fictitious Deola is sure angry,horny and a hot lawyer..but we know the Doctor is the Deola… Ah…that was a bad bad quickie…

    Squeaky table huh!

  2. @cassbaba noni says:

    Chai. Na wah o! Me I am speechless. Na so you hate an reach? Sha be carefull o, before you actually fall in love… This time, with Akala himself for real. You know what they say about “being careful what you wish for?” You just might get it. :p #okbye. Nice Post tho…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • adeolaaa says:

      Hahaha! Neither the father nor the son is my wish…just though what if things turn around if eventually we meet (highly unlikely tho)…u know?;)

    • adeolaaa says:

      Hahaha! Neither the father nor the son is my wish…just thought what if things turn around if eventually we meet (highly unlikely tho)…u know?;)

  3. desiree says:

    Wow!! Absolutely wondafl! Creativity is sure high in dis one! I mean, who cld transfer hatred for a man into such hot passionate romance wit his son if nt ma doctor deola? What d heck r u doing in sciences sef? I loved it..ure one of d few pple who actually knw hw to use wordpress! Thumbs up sis!

  4. ruffwise says:

    Babe…u knw d saying”be good or b good @ it”.u r good @ dis blogging thingy..nwaiz,bet his son must b dt cute to melt d hatred for his father for a quickie…hehehe..nice รถne dear*thumbs up*
    P.S: I lov ur detailed description*wink*

  5. I am akebaje says:

    Nice post! Thanx to almighty cassbaba to direct me in za right path. Once again *thumbs up*

  6. I am akebaje says:


  7. bAlTiMoRe says:

    Lmfao…Naughty U

  8. DjBee says:

    Great Stuff!!!

  9. terdoh says:

    More malaria inspired posts please?

  10. balakeeee says:

    Very creative!

  11. dammy says:

    nice post, you just have a nice way of saying serious sturvs

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