This is my first post since my phone crashed…something about my last post. What have you guys been doing to each other? Pless is different from Press…u know that thing you learnt in primary school called A B C…? Yeah, one has an ‘L’ and the other an ‘R’.

To the real issue…

I opened my facebook page on my browser some minutes ago (something I rarely do nowadays) and I saw “Ogundairo Bonaventure Alimi answered a question about you” on my wall. Immediately, I got angrier (I was angry before…English!)

First off I do not know when & why exactly I added someone with a name this complicated. Like seriously? Bonaventure? Was I high on my saliva? Or I sucked expired sperm cells? Bonaventure sounds like the name of the shop where we make photocopies in school…Bona Ventures!

Second off, assuming I added Bona because facebook is a social site where you are supposed to meet new people and all that stuff…or maybe his profile picture was OK when I did, pls people tell me why the hell he should answer a question about me! He doesn’t even know me!!!! If his name were google, then I’ld assume he knows everything!

I’m tired of all the Bona’s of this world! Tired of people acting like they know who Deola is. No, dumb dumb YOU DON’T!!!! The fact that we see ourselves, tweet at ourselves or you see my profile picture on facebook doesn’t mean you know me or gives you the right to answer questions (however they come) about me.

I’m sick of people telling other people I use a bold 2. No, I don’t Idiot. Except I tell you with my mouth the kind of phone I use, kindly zip it!

I’m tired of people feeling like they know all my exes. *rolls eyes* Did I sit down to have a discussion about them with you? No? Ehn ehn, kindly take that hot knife and seal your lips!

I’m sick & tired of people that go about saying she’s this and that when they haven’t even seen me more than once. SHUT THE HELL UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

I’m equally tired of my blackberry auto-correcting ACN to CAN and it changing my ‘mo’ to ‘month’ everytime. I know the difference between those words Einstein!

Well, you people will be wondering if I have PMS…no, I’m not due! I’m just angry! I refuse to think all guys are dumb because that would be very wrong & shallow but I’m tempted mehn! Even those you think are ‘IT’ just end up messing up.

I’ve been talking to this guy (we’re just friends oo…don’t tell a friend to tell a friend that you know Deola’s boyfriend) and we’ve been getting along quite well. Earlier today he called and said ‘Hey I heard something about you and I’m kinda disappointed’.

‘We’ll talk later’, he added.

I just said OK.

Well if this was 6 months ago, I would probably have called him back begging him to tell me what he heard but hell, I DO NOT CARE!!! If you heard anything about me & you are ‘disappointed’ already without asking me, pls carry your disappointment and dive into the nearest suck-a-way.

And who cares if you are ‘disappointed’ anyway? Are you me? Or you are my dad? The last time my dad said he was disappointed because I didn’t come home early enough from a party sef, I didn’t cry like I did when I was 12 &he first told me that. I think my not crying disappointed him more but home girl is grown!!! So my first thought when I heard he was disappointed was ‘Homeboy raise your mouth to heaven and tell your future children that’ followed by a very long hiss.

Well, after 20 minutes and I didn’t call him back to ask what he heard like he expected, he called. He said someone told him about how I used to be an aristole girl and that he also heard I dated one of my lecturers!

“Err…how’s that your business?”, I replied.

“Deola, you can’t even defend yourself’

“Why exactly did you call me? To tell you No or to confirm what you heard?’

“I don’t know…just say something’

“Well I don’t have anything to say. I do not owe you or anybody any explanation!”

I gave him the ‘You’re not my dad so why should you be disappointed’ speech. He called back to say sorry for judging and all but mehn I can’t deal. Our friendship can’t be the same because everytime I look at him, I will always see DEOLA YOU’VE NOT ANSWERED MY QUESTION on his forehead.

So please all Bona’s before you answer any question about me or anybody on facebook or anywhere, make sure you’re really sure of your answer. If you do not know or you are not sure, please ask…and If they/I say No, pls respect it.

Now you understand why I’m mad…
Incase you are still wondering, I’ve never dated a lecturer before. I hope my friend reads this post & gets his answer(s) from it.


12 Responses to “BONA”
  1. @cassbaba noni says:

    Choi! See vexing ö! Wetin cause am? ​U̶̲̥̅ sure say no be wetin I de think? Because me I hear something o. I dunno if its true…..

  2. raihanah says:

    I am really sick of my BB changing Acn(it just did it again) to can and it claimn to make yoruba its own language??(I tot my own a lesson…wiped month from its memory..can’t I be a yoruba gel again?)
    Einsten gaaan!Lmsao!!!
    I wonder too how some idiots ended up on my facebook..and that question thing?? Major dumbo!

  3. @cassbaba noni says:

    But wait o! Is it only guys that do that? I have some female pests on my facebook too! I stay away from facebook cos of them! *all that shit i just said is just in defence of us guys*

    • adeolaaa says:

      Nah! Lol…the post is actually for anybody who does dat irrespective of their sex but you know I’m narrating my story & so…(Fill in the gap) :d

  4. DjBee says:

    Omo this is some serious vexing oh. I still think PMS is part of this vexing sha,congrats in advance. I thought it was only my BB that was feeling like Soyinka oh,good to know we are legion…lol… Am use to the FB crap,i just ignore the fucktards tho…..

  5. Commentator says:

    But, why you sef go be Aristo Girl? And why you go dey chase lecturer…are we young boys not good enough for you? Better apologize to that guy….what if he’s Mr Right? Facebook….what’s that?

  6. Commentator says:

    And why are you all complaining about the auto-text feature of a phone? Even Micrisoft Word has that feature…. It’s to make life better na…did they envisage an ACN party? Or expect u Yoruba pple to type “mo”.. Make una lock up..

  7. terdoh says:

    *sigh* Definitely PMS-ing yo. Definitely.

  8. olajohnson says:

    Lol I hope uv by now discovered the “edit autotext” feature in the bbm menu whilst chatting.
    I believe the ‘answered a question about you’ on fb is an advert or spy application, and I avoid it like a plague, as it can inadvertently trigger a chain of spams. Why fb is not wise to this already is mind-boggling…

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