Pless Ya Bleasts

Let me paint you a picture of me right now: I just finished having my bath & still wet,dripping & naked, I’m standing infront of my full-length mirror. In some seconds, I’ll raise my right hand up over my head & use my left hand to feel my right breast all around…I’ll also do vice versa for my left breast. I’ll make sure I check carefully for any lump in my breast & any discharge from my nipple. If I find any of these, I’m off to my doctor. If not, I’m coming to finish this post….BRB :d

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

*5 minutes later*

Hey guys…I didn’t find anything & that simple check up lasted for just 2 minutes! Yeah, you read right….TWO MINUTES!!!!! I dressed up for the remaining 3 minutes and right now, I’m in my wardcoat with my name tag firmly pinned on it & stethoscope neatly arranged around my neck. My medical alter ego is here & *inserts sound track* flash back…..My true life story begins…

*10 months ago*

It was about 9:30am & I kept checking my wrist watch, while praying that the clinic session ends quickly. I checked the time again & I discovered I’d been on my feet for almost 2 and half hours. I was bored. I silently counted the case-notes left on the consultant’s(another name for a doctor that teaches) table & there were 6. My feet were going numb from standing too much. I was about moving to the back, away from the Consultant’s eyes & questions, to lean against the wall when I heard my surname & initials.

“Call the next patient, Mrs A”, he said, staring at me in an “I-know-what-you-want-to-and-I-caught-you-bitch!” way.

The first thing I noticed about Mrs A were her breasts; the inequality. I leaned over to tell one of my friends & coursemate that maybe she just had a mastectomy…the only explanation I could give for a very big & firm breast and a small, inconspicuous one.

Doctor: Ha! You have come Madam.

*the doctor said this while signalling to me to come to the front*

Mrs A: *smiles* Yes ooo…and I’m sure you will abuse me.

*doctor signals to her to take off her buba*

*gasps* *gasps* *gasps*

The patient removed her clothes and revealed the worst thing I’ve seen in my medical life till date.

*gasps* *gasps* *gasps*

Behold, the small inconspicuous breast was the normal one…the big firm one was the cancerous one…

I remember the smell which failed to hide under the tonnes of perfume she had on. The gasps, sighs, ooh’s, aah’s, Jesus’s and silent yet loud sounds that came from students. Sounds we were later embarassed we made but who could blame us? That was our first time of seeing something like that…Pity was the only reason majority of the students & I couldn’t bring their handkerchiefs out to cover their noses…it was very very bad!

The breast was big, rounded and very firm. I did not need to palpate it to know it was as hard as it looked. The nipple had disappeared into the areolar. The surface of the breast was ulcerated…it looked like someone slapped patches of very hot amala and removed it. A tear dropped from me.

My thought was ‘I shouldn’t have seen this at all’…*sigh*

Did I mention how big her arm on the same side where the ‘sick’ breast was? Oedema…

Doctor: *sigh* Madam, you know you should have come for that mastectomy(surgical removal of a (sick) breast)…but now, you will buy XXX drug and its 75 000 naira. You will use every 3 weeks…

Patient:*nods & sighs*

Doctor: the muscle under the breast is damaged so mastectomy is not advisable now…*writes the name of the drug & fixes another appointment*

Mrs A: thank you Doctor, bye!

I could swear we all sighed….painful & heavy sigh 😦

The consultant later told us that the woman was in Manchester Stage IV of breast cancer (the last & deadliest stage) and that she had come to see him some 6 months before then.

‘I recommended mastectomy for the woman’, he said with sadness all over his face.

Apparently, the woman didn’t come for the surgery because she didn’t want to lose her ‘femininity’ but instead, went to prayer mountains and took all sorts of herbal and Chinese concortions that promised to cure the breast cancer. She didn’t even tell her husband mastectomy was recommended for her but told him she was OK & that the doctor just gave her some drugs. *sigh*

“I pray she survives the next 6 months’, the doctor said.

My heart goes out to all the victims of breast cancer and all that have lost a loved one to this terrible disease. I didn’t know or take this deadly sickness seriously until I was in my 4th year of medical school. The picture of the woman is stuck in my head and deep in my heart, I pray for a miracle for her daily…she was scared! I would be too.

I examine my breasts regularly (though not everyday). I do the same for my 16-year old sister and for my cousin and for all of my female friends. I even teach them how to.

The medical world is in the pursuit of the cure to this disease but before then, please let us check our breasts. If we find anything (whether minute or big), let’s see a doctor to be sure its really nothing…And I’m talking to guys too…yes GUYS! I have seen a double mastectomy (removal of both breasts) being performed on a guy! Guys have it but in lesser percentage compared to girls.

I pray for the souls of everybody that have lost the battle to this disease and to everyone fighting it now, I dedicate “Just Stand Up to Cancer- Women All Stars” to you…most especially this line “just because you go through it don’t mean it gotta take control No”.

I remember this woman every time…dead or not, may God bless her and all of us!

I don’t know the perfect way to end this post but I’ll just stop writing now….*sigh*


10 Responses to “Pless Ya Bleasts”
  1. @cassbaba noni says:

    I once read an article about this & the whole gist was that not breastfeedin at all, like those celebs usually do to keep firm breasts for a long time, gives a higher risk of breast cancer. Even guys that smoke marijuana have a higher risk than those who do not of gettin breast cancer. Thanks for the article tho. I will start pressin my breasts from now & my balls too…. Thanks!

  2. Fafore Olabode says:

    I constantly imagine what pains and embarassment the women always have,I sure know victims would have preferred to have HIV to this cancer. We can only hope ƒσя the best and pray that God in His infinite mercy would open eyes of men to finding a cure to this deadly disease.Nice blog dokita

  3. raihanah says:

    I had always wanted to talk about this…u couldn’t have said it better..-i happened to have my last surgery posting in the breast and Endocrine Unit.we dealt wit breasts and goitres and I can tell u I hav a very good visual of what you saw..I might hav seen worse..the 2mnths of my life in that posting gave me a new insight! From fungating (and I mean green and dark and ugly) breasts to men with d cups and women crying because the alopecia was making their husbands stray… I saw a whole lot..and its a good thing u hav shared before me…
    Breast Cancer used to be a disease of 35 and above women…but I’v seen 20 year olds in this struggle… The Drugs,The Mastectomy,having to wear stuffed bras…the possible metastasis…all of it!and as you rightly put it… Let’s all ‘Pless our Bleasts loutinely’!

  4. Luciano says:

    REALLY NICE!!!! really nice read! Deolaaa, two thumbs up 4 ya, in fact, this blogpost has inspired me to always be willing and ready to pless the breasts of female friends and young women around me(with their consent ofcourse). May God be with us all.

  5. desiree says:

    this post is awesome! i mean…..alot of women are ignorant abt this disease threatening the lives of women all over the world….thx for bringing it back to our consciousness…i beta stat plessing ma blest henceforth….lol..

  6. adeolaaa says:

    Awwwww…thank you guys for liking d post..means a lot. Honestly, I was sceptical about ds post but I put it out anyway! I’m happy you love it :* :). Thanks for educating me & other readers too…remember to PLESS YA BLEASTS!!! :*

  7. slimsiren says:

    painful…the image you painted was quite colorful and i could almost see the cancerous breast…*sigh*

  8. @seyizy says:

    *faints************** love ds doe

  9. ruffwise says:


  10. terdoh says:

    Breasts are just not the same anymore. Not the same. 😦

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